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VIPA and You

The Essential Role of Vision Care Benefits Today

While vision care coverage used to be considered an "added bonus," a growing recognition of the essential role of wellness care has placed new emphasis on the importance of vision care benefits. Why? Because it's all about maintaining quality of life and holding the line on health care costs.

Because eye exams often pinpoint medical conditions that can have far-reaching effects on a person's overall health, discovering and addressing these types of health-related issues in their initial stages can often result in earlier treatment, which promotes longer, healthier lives. Early identification can save lives, improve quality of life and save medical claim dollars. The number of hours being spent in front of computer screens is also causing an increase in vision-related problems in children as well as adults. (Click here for more information about how routine eye exams can detect and diagnose medical conditions.)

At Vision Insurance Plan of America, our focus is on delivering vision services that improve your outlook, both now and in the future.

VIPA and You

  • Members / Prospective Members
    At VIPA, we're always looking out for our members, helping them to see their best, look great, save money, and stay healthy. Discover an exceptional combination of service, selection and savings.
  • Human Resources and Benefits Managers
    VIPA offers personalized open enrollment support and quick, easy implementation. We also offer online administration tools that give group benefits managers and members real-time access to important plan information. In addition, VIPA has a team of dedicated professionals who are with you every step of the way.
  • Brokers / Agents
    We offer outstanding vision benefits plans for your clients' many diverse needs and provide you with extensive marketing assistance and administrative support to ensure that we're helping you satisfy your clients.

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