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Easy program administration: that's the driving force behind the people and programs of VIPA. Along with personalized open enrollment support and quick, easy implementation, VIPA offers online administration tools that give group benefits managers and members real-time access to important plan information. In addition, we offer a team of dedicated professionals who are with you every step of the way. It's all made possible by our client-focused culture that enables us to continuously improve, expand and deliver services and support based on the specific needs of our clients.

Through responsiveness and attention to detail, we've built long-lasting relationships with our long list of clients and created a growing community of valued members. We're looking out for their needs day in and day out, providing outstanding vision benefit plans through our comprehensive network of vision care providers and retail optical centers.


More and more, employers are expanding their benefits package to include a vision plan component. The reason is clear. The cost savings on wellness eye exams and corrective eyewear through VIPA can total 50%, 75% or even more when compared with out-of-pocket costs for these same services without vision care coverage. Because routine vision examinations can also enhance an individual's health and well being, lead to early detection of a potentially serious medical condition, improve worker productivity, and save medical claim dollars, the advantages of a vision plan become even clearer.

VIPA's group vision plans deliver outstanding value to benefits managers and employees alike. We work with you to provide benefits packages that offer important preventative care for your employees at attractive, highly affordable rates. With many plans offered on a voluntary basis, your organization can offer highly valued vision plan coverage to your employees with no premium cost to your organization.

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